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  • Creating Gun Skins

    How long does it usually take you to create a gun skin? It usually takes me about 30 minutes to create one based on how detailed the gun is. However, the scope usually takes me a lot longer, around and hour or two.

    Posted 12 years ago

    No clue, I tried once to make a sort of fictional "laser gun" once, but I gave up after 10 minutes because I had no clue what I was doing.

    Posted 12 years ago

    Are all these guns mods justb skins or do they affect the game's gameplay

    Posted 12 years ago

    Just skins. Mine depends, I can bash out a simple gun in 10 minutes, yet more detail requires more time

    7.62 FTW
    Posted 12 years ago

    Well how do you acually make gun skins? Im new so I really have no clue.

    Posted 12 years ago
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