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  • map: frozen

    frozen rivers separated by tall, snowy cliffs that connect the spawns in this winter-themed, symmetric map.

    last pic shows how it played out after awhile. i figured the center cliffs would be hotspots, but i'm surprised by the amount of activity in the rivers. the two longest rivers have stairs leading out of them to the spawns, and all rivers are down far enough to kill you if you fall off the cliffs.



    Posted 8 years ago

    3p1cm00s3 agrees to this map

    Mini Moose
    Posted 8 years ago

    How did this only get released a month ago when I've got fraps footage of running around in it back in May?

    Posted 8 years ago

    because it was first released @ http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=69.0

    and i hosted play tests before then

    Posted 8 years ago

    I know the falls gotta kill ya in most of these kind of maps but i would really like the idea of seeing those things cut by 23 to 25%, izzy.

    i'm walking around it right now and i guess its a "no cap intended" kind of map? doesnt really feel like i would be centered on the intel captures. More like trying to kill the gai-jin hiding in the white caps trying to score a pick-shot on me. dunno. Seems kinda unfriendly. then again, most of the aloha servers run an unfriendly, unrelenting environment map (when i last checked) i'm not complaining its just the theme.

    If i have time i will get back to this once i've been online and gotten some frags.

    doux élitiste
    Posted 8 years ago
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