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  • Pyspades Server - Can't Connect

    I have had a normal server running for 3 days now and decided to change to a Pyspades server for administrative uses.

    The install is on a dedicated windows XP 32bit machine. I used the precompiled win bits. The server has a warning when starting pyOpenSSl 0.10 or newer is required for SSL support in iocpractor.

    The rest of the output looks fine but when I connect over my local network or from the internet I get "Server Connection Failed: It's either full or misconfigured.

    I am able to access the server status over the internet if that helps.

    Thanks in advance,

    Posted 9 years ago

    the fastest way to get good help is to contact the pyspades developers at
    #pyspades @quakenet


    Posted 9 years ago

    I'm updating the win32 build of pyspades right now. There's a known bug in the IOCP reactor of Python, so that's probably the issue you're experiencing.

    pyspades developer
    Posted 9 years ago

    So far I have been able to get my Win 7 64bit Machine to run the pyspades server without a problem, but the xp 32 bit still is not working.

    The server shows up on the server list but still get "Server Connection Failed: It's either full or misconfigured"

    Does anyone get this kind of problem where the server shows up on the server list but can not connect? The server is not disconnecting from the master server.

    I also can not connect to the server over my lan. I can not test localhost because the server doesn't have 32 bit color.

    Posted 9 years ago

    i cant connect to many servers to

    Posted 9 years ago

    if you tried connecting, perhaps you've seen the hacked in porn into the website. }:(

    Posted 9 years ago
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