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  • Spadille 1.4.4 (Updated for 0.54)

    Spadille 1.4.4 is now available for download. For those of you who don't know what Spadille is, look here.

    It's been updated for the changes made in the 0.54 release.

    The server browser now shows what country a server is hosted in (along with a flag).

    Thank you to those who waited patiently and sorry for the delay, a really bad sleep schedule combined with a minor setbacks/personal issues didn't really help, but it's out now.

    Screenshot: Click Here

    Download: http://nateshoffner.com/projects/spadille

    Change Log:

    - Fixed bug with filename collisions when importing in mod manager/map manager
    - Columns can now be resized, hidden, and moved
    - Fixed bug with improper IP ranges along with IP/URL conversion
    - Fixed bug when starting server and not being able to choose map from vxl directory
    - Redesigned/condensed converter
    - Added refresh button to the mod manager
    - Made mod manager/map manager selection easier
    - Added refresh button to screenshot manager
    - Fixed bug with improper server details, strip HTML entities
    - Added horizontal scrollbar for server browser when necessary
    - Added support for SMG ironsight in mod manager
    - Added support for new KV6/WAV files for 0.53 in mod manager
    - Fixed bug with tab key being intercepted by server browser
    - Fixed possible bug when selecting a drive as install director
    - Added option to change screenshot directory
    - Fixed possible bug when checking for updates on startup
    - Added searching by country
    - Set minimum size for main client
    - Added drag/drop support for screenshot manager
    - Added corresponding flags for server countries
    - Added server country detection
    - Added support for searching servers URLs with "aos://" prefix
    - Fixed bug when searching servers by IP and decimal is ignored

    Key Master
    Posted 11 years ago

    good work, could it be possible in the future to save certain settings, like whether it filters full servers or not?

    Yellow Pegasus
    Posted 11 years ago


    Posted 11 years ago



    Posted 11 years ago

    finally been waiting

    Posted 11 years ago

    nice job, i might try this out. awesome job that you are making programs for this game

    Posted 11 years ago

    Yay, good job! I really love it to see the location of the servers. And being able to hide columns is also nice.

    And as usual, bugs/suggestions:
    - Inside the "Saved Maps"-window I clicked on one of the maps on the left, then on that arrow-button. Then I clicked on the map on the right and clicked on the X-button. I clicked "Yes" on the "Are you really sure?"-screen and then got one unhandled exception.
    - The main window size is not saved after restart of Spadille. That especially looks bad when I resized the window and hid some columns.
    - Under "Server" --> "Filter" it says "Pyspade" instead of "pyspades".

    Posted 11 years ago

    I don't know if this is a bug, but it's something that has been bugging me throughout all of the Spadille versions that I have used. I always set the auto refresh to "fast", but when I double click on a server to join it, the auto refresh automatically turns itself off. Could you make it stay at whatever setting it was last set to?

    For instance, I will click on a server like pinpoint while there are 31/32 players online and I'm unable to join because someone else slipped in before me. The problem is that the auto refresh has turned itself off as well, so the next server I click (which might still indicate having less than 32 players) has already filled up without showing itself as being "full". Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    POMF Technological Solutions™
    Director of Renovations
    Posted 11 years ago

    @Green_Beret, fixed, fixed, and fixed. :D Thanks for always finding these obscure bugs.

    @Galaxy, the auto-refresh is automatically turned off when connection to a server is attempted, to safe bandwidth for both the user and Ben. I can look into a way to possibly detecting if a server is full/offline before attempting to connect. Thanks for your feedback.

    Key Master
    Posted 11 years ago

    I love it! So worth the wait, keep up the good work Stack.

    Posted 11 years ago

    There currently seems to be a bug with hooking the PrtScr key. Thanks go to Kanye for pointing this out in IRC.

    Key Master
    Posted 11 years ago

    Yeah, I can't seem to have any screenshots saved.

    Posted 11 years ago
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