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  • Spadille (Includes Screenshot Hotfix)
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    @StackOverFlow I think i can't conect with ethernet for a reason so i guess i will not use Spadille until you either fix it (if it's possible) or ill just go without using it.

    Posted 12 years ago

    Your doing it wrong.

    Dah Bawss
    Posted 12 years ago

    I got a problem with Spadille. When I try to open the application, I get an error window.

    I checked the readme and found out that I needed a Windows .NET Framework 2.0, so I went ahead and checked my Control Panel for the app.

    I found out that I had .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 installed. Simultaneously. :/

    I tried uninstalling any of them but failed because the uninstaller said that some programs won't work if they were uninstalled as well as promptly shutting down the uninstall process.

    What do I do? :/

    Imperial Guardsman
    Posted 12 years ago

    @JosephAllen129, care to give more details about the error window? What does it say?

    Key Master
    Posted 12 years ago

    Something about CNR error? I'll check once I'm done reviewing for my test(s).

    Imperial Guardsman
    Posted 12 years ago
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