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    Its pretty much Search And Destroy so there is 2 teams (blue and green obviously) and to start off green is defending and blue is attacking so blue has to plant the bomb at either A or B Bomb sites, and green has to stop them from doing so. there is 4 minutes in 1 round and it is first to 8 (you can choose how many rounds you want though) so at half time which would be after the 4th Round It switches over so that Blue Defends And Green Attacks. if the game time ends the people Defending Win the round.you have 1 life each round so if you die you dont respawn until Either Blue or Green wins the round.

    Posted 12 years ago

    sounds like counterstrike.

    i like counterstrike.

    doux élitiste
    Posted 12 years ago

    I thought it sounded like CombatArms?

    SpazDragon1397 (コバルト)
    The Badass Pony
    Posted 12 years ago


    Posted 12 years ago
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