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  • server disconnect or kick

    I keep getting a crash and this error "server disconnect or kick: also check latest game version" after a few seconds of playing. How do I fix this?

    Posted 8 years ago

    Quite obviously, check latest game version.

    If that doesn't work, try a reinstall.

    Posted 8 years ago

    I had this error for a long time in the past, I tried reinstalling and I was on the latest version.

    If people are asking here, they have likely taken the initiative to check their game version. This is Ace of Spades not Black Ops players we're talking about. I may still be getting that error, and it just doesn't show anymore, instead the game just freezes and closes.

    Posted 8 years ago

    I have reinstalled the game countless times, it doesn't change anything.

    Posted 8 years ago


    It is doing the same for me...
    I play like 1 minute long, then it freezes with the message "Server disconnect or kick. Also check latest game version."
    I got the 0.6 update, a very good connection and I was not kicked because it does it for every server.

    Please help me !

    Posted 8 years ago

    Hi guys, this happens to me all the time.

    The map gets downloaded.
    I choose my team.
    I choose my weapon.
    Then NOTHING. I can see the "Blahblah killed blah (Rifle)", But the screen stays at where you choose your weapon, just without the weapons.

    I got the right update. Pretty sure I wasnt banned.
    And I connected to some of those servers before, but now nothing.

    Posted 8 years ago
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