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  • Hunterkillerz Application Thread [NOT RECRUITING]
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    ur in!

    Posted 8 years ago

    omg im pissed super cool build server wont let me in i tried like 60 times, i hope im not banned... well im sure i wouldnt get banned but. it says there are eight players actively on... im confused i cant get on it keeps saying missmatch transfer fail or timeout something like that idk i dont remember but can someone help me out

    Posted 8 years ago

    HK is dead

    Posted 8 years ago

    Yeah, you've been gone awhile.
    HK disbanded.

    that dude
    Posted 8 years ago

    hello I would like to join this nice clan nice people fun fun

    Posted 8 years ago

    ^Oh of course, just put HK infront of your name and your in!

    that dude
    Posted 8 years ago

    TAKE MY NAME OFF THE LIST i made my new epic clan(click my name)

    ({{EcHo}}) [NOVA]
    Posted 8 years ago
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