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  • Subtle tweaks

    So, a lot of these threads are talking about new guns or gameplay modes -- this is a thread for all those little tweaks that you think would improve the game. Here are some of mine:

    When you die, you respawn holding the block color that you last had
    A command to select any block color, (xxx yyy zzz RGB)
    a command to place a block so that, with the shadows above it, it will still look like the block you selected (so that when building a fort, certain blocks aren't black because of weird shadows); could be done by calculating shadow level and adjusting block color accordingly.
    (At least a server option for) intel and tents that flash faster (the white arrow thing...?) so that it is easier to tell where the real intel is
    Slightly increased spawn time (maybe 3-5 seconds?)
    Ability for a map maker to select ranges for where the intel, tent, and spawn will be
    Option to turn off chat/see chat log/mute players
    The text of the chat could be changed so that every player on the blue (or green) team has the hue of their respective color, blue (or green), but the value and intensity can differ. I think this would help, because after a while you'd be able to tell who was talking without looking over, just by seeing that color.
    Decreased ammo count for rifle or slower firing/reloading
    Right now, grenades can have their pin pulled, and you can switch weapons, and it won't go off. This can be exploited however; Carry a nade, pull pin, if you see an enemy throw it at them, if not, switch weapons quickly, then back to nade, pull pin, repeat.
    Server side option for 'toughness' of blocks (default would be 3- takes 3 hits from a pickaxe)

    Thats all I can think of ATM, just critique some of these and post your own.

    Posted 8 years ago
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