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  • machine gun

    As I see, the game is mostly in WWI setting.

    I suggest to get rid of SMG and make a full-size heavy machine gun, which must be operated by two soldiers on a fortified position. It should make more damage than rifle, but damaging it's fortifications or killing 1 of the crew would shut the fire off.

    Posted 8 years ago

    I've been wanting a mounted machine gun for a long time now, but I don't think we should remove the SMG.

    By the way, this topic has been made about 40 times. Just letting you know.

    POMF Technological Solutions™
    Director of Renovations
    Posted 8 years ago

    Love such guys... only register on the forum to spam an idea that was suggested 100 times before <3
    I like the idea... but don't remove the smg

    Posted 8 years ago

    I agree. But not the requirement of two men to operate.

    Ben, have you seen this yet?

    Posted 8 years ago

    "As I see, the game is mostly in WWI setting."

    thats weird, because Ben sees it as during the X war, as in there is no set war so he isnt limited to what he can do.

    Yellow Pegasus
    Posted 8 years ago
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