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    The Overhaul v2.0 is here! I decided to stop puting it off and actually upload the beast. Take headshots. Take no prisoners!
    you can download it on the blog at http://www.windopain.tumblr.com
    I has:
    -portal gun
    beer bottle (broken, full and molotov)
    -Sniper rifles
    -custom ironsights
    -AN MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Posted 12 years ago

    A complete overhaul?
    Are you fucking kiddi- WOAH 39 SKINS?

    Posted 12 years ago

    Cool, make the beer regenerate health :D

    Here we battle, in the blocks, blood, and the beer!

    Is this like a total conversion?

    And is the cake from Portal, or hedgewars?

    looks like a lot of cool stuff

    Stinkious Maximus
    Posted 12 years ago

    Pics please? I hate downloading a pack and have to look at all of them through slab6 without knowing if it's worth it 0.0

    It sounds good from the most part but at the moment being I'm using a very slow cpu so doing all that is annoying.

    [Elite] SMG
    Posted 12 years ago

    you're kidding, right?

    Posted 12 years ago

    No. The comp im using this instant is 1995-2000 I can barely use the forum. It crashes when opening slab6.

    [Elite] SMG
    Posted 12 years ago

    You guys should of said if I clicked blogspot I could of seen some of the skins.

    [Elite] SMG
    Posted 12 years ago

    I'm afraid that if i download the overhaul i might get 100 MB in my Ace of Spades stuff folder... xD

    Posted 12 years ago

    Yeah, theres plenty of picyures on the blog in reskin dojo.
    "Are you fucking kiddi- WOAH 39 SKINS?" I laughed so hard my computer was like "U okay bro?"

    The cake is not from portal but i do have a portal variant of it, which i might release if this gets more popular. I am always working on the overhaul so check the blog LIKE YOU MEAN IT

    thank you so much for your comments and support! :D
    So what would you like to see done in the next update?

    Posted 12 years ago

    Pics or it didnt happen.
    Jusk kiddin.
    But.. Post pics pl0x!
    Please :)
    I want to download it.

    Extreme Editor
    Posted 12 years ago

    post pics or i no download i need evidence that make the pack looks awsome

    Posted 12 years ago

    hmm HK clans are a bunch of pure Idiots.....they dont click links what say SCREENSHOT SCREENSHUT

    Commander in Arms
    Posted 12 years ago
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