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  • [MOD]PGM Hecate Woodland

    Hey evryone
    I'm here to show you my first Semi :D
    The PGM Hecate Woodland Camo

    So here the screenshot :

    In game : Here
    In Slab6 : Here

    And the link (Megaupload)

    My personal Sight is included ( edited from General Joe's Telescopic Sights)

    Enjoy :) (Waiting for feedback)

    Posted 7 years ago

    Looks good, just many others that have been made are REALLY similar.

    [Elite] SMG
    Posted 7 years ago

    Nice rifle, but i can see you edited the scope from my scope edited from GeneralJoe's scopes! The screw-thingy at the bottom is mine :D. Spotted!

    Joking, Nice first rifle.

    Posted 7 years ago
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