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  • Suggestion: Mod Database

    There are a LOT guns, sights and skins scattered around in the forums and I recently got the idea of a database-website for mods, where you can search for a weapon and upload your stuff. If you don't find the weapon you want or dont like it the existing ones you could still request one here in the forums.
    I dont know if its really difficult to do something like this or if something like this already exists (didnt find anything with the search function and the one I found with google was dead.

    What do you thing about it ?

    Posted 11 years ago

    i believe its called moddb.com
    naww just kidding we need moar subforums

    Posted 11 years ago

    ^*promotes mod pack :P*
    Sounds good but it would be near impossible to keep updated.

    that dude
    Posted 11 years ago
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