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  • STARTIGIC DEATH MARKERS and some other schtuf.

    There is also some smoother sights and smal edithing on the rifle (rounded buttstock). als the death markers ,wich are actualy usefull in very many ways, will be the collor of the team that it is on! The rifle is also a sniper scope now, nothing new there realy.
    Note: the parts of the images that are black will apear as the teams colors during game.

    download: http://adf.ly/2vi6V

    imgs intell: http://imgur.com/ljFA2
    imgs death marker (playerdead): http://imgur.com/R1wrc
    imgs tent (cp): http://imgur.com/QUIMH
    imgs rifle (semi): http://imgur.com/gurqD

    Posted 11 years ago
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