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  • Map Idea #1 by Soap

    Hey all. :D

    So, I think I've said enough times that I'm good at modding skins and voxel models. (b^^)b But something that I WISH I was good at and am very sad that I am not is making maps. XP It's mostly due to the fact that my Insert key doesn't really work, so yeeeeaaaah... T__________T

    So, I was wondering- would it be a good idea if I gave someone or a group of people an idea for a map and asked them to try their best ot make it? :?

    Posted 9 years ago

    anyway, idk how to build maps T___T
    I dont know what programm needed

    [C.H] JKT&Lust
    Posted 9 years ago


    This is not a title.
    Posted 9 years ago
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