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  • {Empire}{Awesome} Just for Lols (Join up pplz)

    YEAH YEAH i know what you are thinking
    "Oh no, not another little kid making a clan and spamming the forums"

    If you are thinking that......you might be right.

    But Just for Lols is not gonna be your average clan.
    No overly official wars, no overly complex set of rules and requirements, no need to add a tag to your name, NO STARTING SHI-, and no ranking sytem other than a white/black list. Die-hard gamers not welcome here!

    Only thing we are gonna do is spur-of-the-moment events to goof off, 360 noscope, LEEEEERRRRROOOOOY rush, and maybe grief some goonhaven :D

    Now for some ground rules.
    Just ask to be on my list and you will be added. Keep a level head and have fun? you are on the white list. START SHI-? Well then you get one warning before getting switched to the black list. Unofficial members (aka anyone not running this) do not need a tag but Official members are required to wear the [JfLol] tag with honor. You are allowed to be an unnofficial member AND be in another clan. And most of all THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY MUAHAHHAHAH.

    Chuck Norris List:

    White List:

    Michael Jackson List:

    Black List:

    Also: this is not racist in any way
    You may proceed.
    QUICK UPDATE: once we get 3-4 people i will start planning events and such

    Posted 9 years ago

    ill edit anyone in tomorrow time for me to head to bed

    Posted 9 years ago

    My god thank you an original clan. <3

    Komrade Korakoff
    Dictator of Komrades
    Posted 9 years ago


    Posted 9 years ago

    I guess I'll join. I'm in {VoD} and this looks fun.

    Charge of the Light Brigade
    Posted 9 years ago

    Nice clan you got there...

    Posted 9 years ago
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