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  • Small graphics problem, any suggestions?

    I changed my name on config and when I opened aos is only filled the upper half of the screen (Sort of like widescreen with movies, but on the top side of the screen.)

    If anyone has some advice or something that would be helpful.

    SMG supporter
    Posted 7 years ago

    Did you make it so it's in window'ed mode?

    [Elite] SMG
    Posted 7 years ago

    no, should I have?

    SMG supporter
    Posted 7 years ago

    try a different resolution, 800x600 should always work

    it should fill your whole screen if you're not using windowed mode

    Posted 7 years ago

    Izzy, are you the host of the aloha servers?

    Map Maker
    Posted 7 years ago
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