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    Hello guys,

    After countless hours, Derp, Null & Myself (we are from Adrenic.Net) have put together a map we are sure countless users will enjoy and most likely be one of the future AoS tournament maps! It is a three level building designed.. why am i explaining when you should just JOIN :)

    Please join and have fun! Feel free to leave suggestions below, as to what i should add. At the moment i did not finish all the windows. (need to do my college homework)

    Public Game settings:
    TDM 500 kills = a win or 120 minutes ends the game.
    User placed blocks only, unable to destroy the maps prior content.

    Are these good settings? I love letting a community decide these things :)

    Possible settings i'd change to:
    Lower TDM kill count
    CTF instead of TDM (this is a good CTF map as well as TDM map in my opinion.
    Griefable but the entire map rollback's after every round.

    Things to do in the future:
    add more windows, make water insta-kill all users

    Please leave any suggestions below as well as your overall opinion! :)

    Posted 8 years ago

    Well, the battlefield is split'ed into 3 levels, it will be interesting seeing how this works with 32 players

    Posted 8 years ago

    T'was a fun map. Its That_Guy btw.

    Posted 8 years ago
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