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  • Creating, weapons and antigriefing

    With wireframe its now possible to create objects with predetermined form.
    For example, to create a vehicle, plane, or artillery, if they ever appear, you first place their empty wireframe where you need it. Then you fill it with blocks and the object activates and replaces the blocks. Same concept will work for 'reinforced walls' or whatever else ideas.

    Now that SMG is good as a weapon, I think it needs to do reduced damage to blocks.

    Maybe its hard for the server, but admin should have options for:
    Blocks placed by allies can't be damaged by x weapon
    Blocks placed by you can't be damaged by x weapon or other players
    Vote for X player not being able place blocks

    Posted 9 years ago

    1) Im interested

    2) There wouldn't really be a change. No.

    3) Be kinda cheap. Most likely, no.

    [Elite] SMG
    Posted 9 years ago
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