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  • connection problems

    i am having trouble connecting to servers. like if i click on a server, a error thing will pop up. is this happening with anyone else? or is it just my computer? cause i know my computer has some virises on it. i just was just asking advice, what should i do? forget the game completly? move on to minecraft? or keep trying the servers? my head is full of questions (sorry). please answer these few. thanks :)

    Posted 9 years ago

    First answer is, use the search button on the forums. Many people have experienced similar problems..

    http://ace-spades.com/forums/topic.php?id=146#post-811 (for example)

    If you are not using Chrome, try it. Try reinstalling the game, restarting your PC.

    Sometimes it's just temporary and by trying different servers you can join one eventually.

    Posted 9 years ago

    thank you. i really wanna play thins game. thank you ill do it

    Posted 9 years ago
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