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  • shotgun addition.

    Though i have seen the idea of the shotgun suggested before, i believe that it wasn't as balanced as it could be, and therefore wouldn't be as good as the current smg or rifle. I think the specs should look more like this:

    ammo/reload: 8 in the gun with 24 extra. the gun should be pump action with a delay between each shot of around .20 of a second. The reload of the entire gun should be slower than 1 round per quarter second, so that the player has to "top off" the ammo in his gun while he is moving around, so that he doesnt get stuck spending a few seconds reloading his gun.

    range/spread: I think that it should spread out to 3blocks X 3blocks at 35 blocks range. this way you can use it for CQB with relative success but you wont be very effective at range.

    damage: around 8-10 damage per pellet X 9 pellets. headshots with pellets should deal 15+ damage. The damages should make it kill in one shot (aimed at neck/upper torso) within 10-15 blocks.

    Use: should be for a player who could put down a spread of bullets if he is used at range, or quickly clear out a trench system at close range. The shotgun should also break blocks faster than the rifle or smg, making firing at long range not very lethal, but destructive towards enemy positions and buildings.

    Posted 9 years ago

    /Support. Unfortunately due to the fact someone has tampered with the poll, we may not get it =/.

    The Grand Exterminator
    Posted 9 years ago


    Posted 9 years ago

    I would find it awesome if the shotgun replaced the SMG

    Posted 9 years ago

    we need more guns and bulding materils exzample make atent to hide in plus we need night in this

    Posted 9 years ago
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