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  • Spadille Strikes Again

    So I've been chilling with my Metroid mod on since the last time the Spadille "Mod Manager" incident. To sum it up, everything I tried to replace (including skins which are dimension-sensitive) got replaced with the intel skin, and didn't let me play. I'm not sure how or why, but if you load a mod, you can't directly replace the file anymore. Even if you delete all traces of Spadille, Ace of Spades, and any mods, then re-download AOS, the mods will not change.
    Anyways, after magically fixing by re-replacing the files through Spadille mod-shitager it got fixed. Now (a couple months later), as a member of Komrades, I want to use their mod pack instead. So i figured the new Spadille probably fixed it somehow and tried my luck. It apparently worked, but I noticed some of the things in-game were messed up. I managed to change some of them, but now I can't change any of them and the "Reset to defaults" button does shit. Absolute shit. So now I have like half metroid and half Russian themed mods and it is screwed the fuck up. If someone could tell me how to re-enable the ability to change them through manually swapping out the files, that would be extremely helpful. Else, it would be nice if a new update of Spadille would actually work.

    Posted 11 years ago


    Posted 11 years ago

    on a side note is there any way to redownload the original files perhaps? the icon.png got messed up...

    Posted 11 years ago

    Russian-Metroids... Their vulnerability to cold is gone!!!

    But seriously, that's weird dude... Have you talked to Stack about it?

    The sustain, listen to it.
    Posted 11 years ago

    is it that much work to copy-paste/replace it yourself?

    Posted 11 years ago

    Oh the copy paste is overridden with Spadille installed, but i tried again with fresh AOS and Spadille files and everything is A-OK again. No more mod manager for this guy.
    Hmm... this gives me an idea....

    Posted 11 years ago

    Odd. I've never seen that happen Also, Glad to see you back, Euler.

    Komrade Korakoff
    Dictator of Komrades
    Posted 11 years ago

    Spadille doesn't "override" anything. The mod manager is merely a graphical front-end to allow users to store their mods in a central location (%APPDATA%) and swap them with ease.

    Uninstalling Spadille doesn't modify any files except for the ones created during installation (in the %PROGRAMFILES% directory), all content in the %APPDATA% directory is untouched, because I would rather not risk deleting users files since they might be their only copies.

    Please know what you're talking about before you post and try not to act like a child when doing so. Thank you.

    Key Master
    Posted 11 years ago
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