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  • Pyspades scripts

    Hey, I tried to install pyspades from the source, but, due to a mistake in the middle, it's apparently impossible for it to work now :( . Can somebody *cough* mat^2 *cough* please give me a link to download extra scripts?

    Posted 11 years ago

    If you messed up your pyspades installation, you don't need extra scripts. Scripts require your installation to actually work before you can use them.

    Instead, why not delete your pyspades folder, re-download pyspades, and try compiling it again. It's not very hard on a unix system (not sure about a windows system).

    Posted 11 years ago

    Well, PaulSoarSE reccomended that I post this anyway :P.

    I've tried several times to redo it, and each time I completely uninstall everything. Nothing can seem to fix what happened when I missed the "put the .bat file IN the cython folder", which happened cause the guy in the youtube vid was talking so fast.

    SUMMARY: I can't reinstall, and I'm posting this just in case they'd work with the windows distribution version.

    Posted 11 years ago
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