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  • [Recruting] BaL [Brutal and Lethal]



    We are Brutal and Lethal, we don't take any prisoners, we do not forgive and we do not have mercy!

    1. You must be a good and skilled player, no noobs!
    2. You must not care if someone begs you to not break their awesome castle, or to leave them alone cuz they want to build. Rape and pillage!
    3. Be respectful to leaders and have some common sense!

    How to apply:
    1. Write that you wish to apply below and write a brief description of what you think your skill level is.
    2. For a bigger chance of getting in you may provide an image of you having over 50 kills/points on a server.

    How ranking works:
    An image of you having many kills may get you ranked up.
    Time being in the clan gets you ranked up.
    Being active may get you ranked up.

    Number of members: 3

    =Pro killers=

    =Wall of Shame=

    We are aiming to be one of the strongest clans around, we do not wish enemies!

    Posted 9 years ago

    -RESERVED and goodluck.

    Posted 9 years ago


    Posted 9 years ago
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