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  • World War Z[Another zombie role-play]

    Lets face it. If video games have taught us anything it's that zombies are coming. So to avoid being completely screwed, well role-playing solves all problems so I made another zombie thread(the old one became more one guy telling a story than a group thing). So a few things...
    1.Be realistic
    I'm not saying you can't be funny or do werid stuff, just don't pull shotguns out of your ass :P.
    2.Below is a promt. Follow it and if your new simply create a diffrent story line and possibly meet up with the other group.
    3.Play as a team. Don't shut people out or complain about there descions.
    4.Have fun!
    You and a band of surviors have barrakaded yourself in a aparment building. You woun't last long there. It is a urban town so there are plenty of places to go. You should take surviabilty and food into account. And your not dealing with slow, stupid Dead Rising zombies, were talking fast L4D2 zombies. Formulate a plan and head out, before it's to late...

    that dude
    Posted 12 years ago

    if zombies could be real i would think that they would be slow like dead rising cause they have more bones then muscles so i would think you could out run them

    Posted 12 years ago


    I'll start....My friends call me coach!

    that dude
    Posted 12 years ago

    1. How can dead humans become zombies when they're dead.

    2. And if they do become zombies, you can't kill whats already dead.

    Kommissar of Komrades
    Posted 12 years ago

    ^I like the idea of infected zombies rather than undead but, why question it?

    that dude
    Posted 12 years ago

    Why not.

    Kommissar of Komrades
    Posted 12 years ago

    *The survivors are cowering in a corner as the undead tear at the planks covering the door. Suddenly as the planks break away the sound of engines roar through the streets outside. The sound of gun fire fills the halls, and then it is quite. Suddenly the sound of doors being kicked in and the pattern of "Room clear!" begins. Then the door to the room the group is in is kicked open and a tall soldier scans the room and spots them. He yells out "We have survivors here!" and more soldiers come running in. All of the soldiers have fully automatic weapons and a blue badge on their uniforms showing a pistol pointed up in the shape of an L. Then the squad Captain walks in. He introduces himself...*

    "Hello, my name is Captain Sam Long of the Long army. We heard your gunshots and decided to check it out. Guess it was a good thing we did. Anyway we need to get moving now. The closest base is my squad's destination so it wouldn't be worth the gas to drive all the way back to drop you off. Once at the base we can get you guys a flight to the sprite colony. But until then we need to move."

    *You all follow Sam Long to his line of transport vehicles. You don't know anything about this Sam person or the Long army, but he is your best bet for survival. You go with him.*

    --I am back! Anyway continue on your RP, but remember that you need to look out for War Corps and stick with the Long army. The Long has control of the sky and wide spread influence making them your ideal support in any sticky situation. Anyway go ahead and make your own story, but remember that I am in it.--

    SMG supporter
    Posted 12 years ago

    I'm in it two, with the same trafic-cone lighter and throwing knifes form th elast roleplay :P gotta with what you can immaright?

    Posted 12 years ago

    Include the Battlemaster plox

    Posted 12 years ago

    Instant thread death.

    SMG supporter
    Posted 12 years ago

    Its christmas, Ellis.

    Dah Bawss
    Posted 12 years ago

    Yeah, really.

    that dude
    Posted 12 years ago

    Well, *Takes off RP hat* I guess this died quickly.

    SMG supporter
    Posted 12 years ago

    i own a shotgun, 2 .22 rifles and some bear hunting gun i won...i also have a hunting bow and arrows
    i live on a farm so none of those would be useful in the slightest cause zombies would never really make it to some small town in the middle of nowhere
    but i they did all i would have to do is get any survivors in town to an open valley with a building in the middle and kill the slight few zombies that would come at us with ease
    we grown our own food and everything else we need

    Posted 12 years ago

    Well, friendly fires on*shoots survivorus* The End. Thanks for playing!

    that dude
    Posted 12 years ago

    zombies use hax
    all tanks
    the end

    Dah Bawss
    Posted 12 years ago

    *Puts RP hat back in closet*
    This is now non-RP Status.

    SMG supporter
    Posted 12 years ago

    The glass doors of the swimming pool were cracked and so covered with dust on the inside that it was impossible to see anything through them. Deke hefted his sledgehammer and took a swing, aiming for a spot next to the handles. The glass exploded with a bang and fell out of the frame in sparkling nuggets.
    ‘Cool,’ said Freak.
    ‘Yes it is,’ said Deke, who loved destroying things. In the early days, just after the disaster had happened, and before he understood the dangers, Deke had wandered the streets in delight - breaking, burning, smashing - hardly able to believe that there was nobody around to stop him and that he could do whatever he wanted.
    That crazy, joyous freedom had been cut short when he’d discovered that not all the adults had died. And those who had survived would treat you far worse than any parent, teacher or policeman if they ever caught you. A parent might have grounded you, a teacher might have kept you in after school and the police might have arrested you, but none of them would have tried to eat you, like the grown-ups who wandered the streets these days.
    He still got a kick out of destroying things, though, when he got the chance, which was why he often volunteered to join a scavenging party.
    He stood back from the shattered door to let Achilleus see inside.
    Achilleus leant in and looked around.
    ‘We’ll need the torches.’
    They all carried hand-powered LED dynamo torches that didn’t need batteries. They quickly fired them up by pumping the triggers that spun the flywheels inside. After thirty seconds the torches were charged enough to give a good three minutes of light.
    They stepped into the entrance lobby and shone their beams across the dirty floor and walls. Ahead of them was the reception desk. To the right, past a turnstile and low barrier was a small seating area that opened out on to the pool.
    A wide passage led the other way to the changing rooms.
    The reception desk was covered with cobwebs and the faded, peeling posters on the walls were from a different world. They showed smiling, happy children and talked of health and fitness and community activities. There were a few animal trails in the dust and debris on the floor, but no sign of any recent human activity.
    ‘Vending machines used to be through there,’ said Freak, nodding towards the fixed tables and chairs in the seating area.
    ‘We’ll take a quick look,’ said Arran, and, without having to be told, Achilleus led the way. He climbed over the turnstile and dropped into a crouch on the other side, spear at the ready.
    ‘All clear.’
    One by one the others followed, Ollie bringing up the rear, torch in one hand, slingshot in the other.
    They walked cautiously forward. As they moved closer to the pool they noticed a smell. The choking, rotten stink of stagnant water.
    ‘Aw, who’s farted?’ said Deke, holding his nose. Freak sniggered, but nobody else laughed. The pair of them liked to joke around to keep the fear away, but the others had their own ways of dealing with their nerves.
    Achilleus was tensed and alert, ready for action, almost willing a grown-up to jump out at him. Arran tried to stand tall and appear unafraid, imagining he was casting a protective shield around his little group. Ollie kept glancing back over his shoulder. He was so used to watching their rear that he almost found it easier walking backwards.
    ‘That is an evil smell,’ said Freak.
    ‘Keep it down,’ said Achilleus.
    ‘Come off it, Akkie,’ said Deke. ‘If there was anyone here I think they just might have heard that bloody big bang as I took out the door.’
    ‘Shut up so’s we can listen, Deke.’
    ‘OK, OK.’
    They shone their torches around the seating area where the vending machines had once stood.
    Nothing. Empty.
    ‘They’re gone,’ said Arran.
    ‘What a surprise,’ said Achilleus.
    ‘Told you this was a waste of time,’ said Ollie. ‘Now can we go?’
    Arran carried on towards the pool. A dim light was glowing green through the windows around the high ceiling. The air felt hot and moist. He used to come here nearly every week in the summer. There was a water-slide that snaked out of the building and back again. It had always been noisy here, busy with kids. There had been a wave machine and all sorts of fountains, waterfalls and jets. Now it was absolutely quiet and still and stank like a sewer. Stringy weeds hung from the water-slide that stood on rusting supports.
    Arran was aware of his heart thumping against his ribs.
    He didn’t like being here.
    ‘We should take a proper look round,’ said Freak, joining him by the poolside and shining his torch around the cavernous space.
    There was still water in the pool, but it was a soupy greenish-brown colour. Clumps of algae and weed floated on the surface and odd pieces of furniture had been dumped in it. Arran could see chairs and tables, a filing cabinet and what looked like a running machine, probably from the gym upstairs.
    More algae and mould made its way up the walls, covering the windows - this was what was turning the light that weird ghostly green.
    The others came through.
    ‘We should go,’ said Ollie, nervously glancing back towards the entrance.
    ‘Scared, are you?’ said Deke.
    ‘Course I’m scared,’ said Ollie simply. ‘I’m always scared when we go somewhere we’ve not been before. It’s good to be scared. Keeps you alive.’
    ‘Check this out,’ Freak hissed, interrupting them. He was shining his torch across the pool.
    A vending machine stood there, half submerged in the water, but they could see that it was still stocked with chocolate bars and sweets and crisps.
    ‘We’ve struck the jackpot,’ Deke whispered.
    They moved closer to the water’s edge, marvelling at the treasure trove in the stagnant pool. The side of the pool sloped gradually into the water, giving the effect of a beach. The smell was appalling, and the floor was slippery beneath their feet.
    ‘What’s it doing in the water?’ said Achilleus.
    ‘Who cares?’ Freak and Deke said in unison.
    Arran shone his torch on to a sign; it was still just about readable beneath the fungal growth on its surface.
    ‘See that?’ he said. ‘No diving.’
    The others sniggered. The thought of diving into the dark, stinking water was disgusting, but nevertheless somebody
    was going to have to wade in if they wanted to get to the vending machine.
    ‘I don’t like it,’ said Ollie. ‘It’s not right.’
    Once again he glanced back towards the entrance, making sure that their way out was clear.
    ‘There’s nothing here, man,’ said Deke. ‘No one. The place is deserted. Look at all that crap in the water. The vending machine must have been dumped there ages ago, and forgotten about.’
    ‘Come on,’ said Ollie. ‘I’m going.’
    He jumped as Freak suddenly shouted, his voice startlingly loud.
    The sound echoed off the hard walls.
    ‘See? Nothing.’
    ‘You’re an idiot,’ said Achilleus.
    ‘Yeah? And who are you then - Brainiac, the world’s brainiest kid?’
    ‘Don’t start arguing,’ said Arran wearily.
    ‘Look,’ said Deke. ‘We’ve been here long enough, if anything was going to happen it would’ve happened by now. This place is dead, like the rest of London, like the rest of the world for all we know. Dead.’
    ‘We’re not dead,’ said Arran, ‘and I want to keep it that way.’
    ‘Then let’s get the gear from the machine,’ said Deke.
    ‘Food, yeah? To eat? You remember food, don’t you?’
    ‘I’m not sure about this.’
    ‘Oh for God’s sake, this is a waste of time.’ Freak walked to the water’s edge, holding his nose. Deke groaned as he watched his friend wade in. Soon the slime was up to Freak’s knees, then his thighs. He carried on until he had reached the machine. Turned to wave, then peered inside.
    ‘Sick!’ he said, grinning. ‘You should see this.’
    ‘Freak! No!’ Deke screamed.
    The whole surface of the water around Freak had come alive as if some huge beast was rising from the depths.
    Deke splashed into the pool, yelling.
    ‘Idiot,’ said Achilleus.
    There were shapes emerging everywhere now, seemingly made from the same green slime as the water itself. They pushed up out of the bubbling pool.
    People. Men and women. Blanket weed hanging off them and tangled between their outstretched fingers like webs.
    ‘GROWN-UPS!’ Arran shouted.

    ({{EcHo}}) [NOVA]
    Posted 12 years ago

    Another zombie story.
    When the video is posted on YouTube it’s an instant hit. Within days everyone is talking about it.
    ‘Have you seen the “Scared Kid” video?’
    ‘It’s really freaky.’
    ‘At first I thought it was a joke, but it looks so real.’
    ‘It’s definitely fake, but it’s still scary.’
    ‘I can’t watch it. It’s too frightening.’
    ‘Who is he? Do you know who he is? Who’s the Scared Kid?’
    ‘Nobody knows . . .’
    Maybe it’s a clever trailer for a new horror film. Maybe it’s a viral ad for something. A new car or a chocolate bar? Or, just maybe, it’s real . . .
    The thing is . . . There’s something about it. Something about the kid. No ten-year-old is that good an actor. And if someone’s playing a trick on him they are really sick and they’ve done way too good a job. Who would do that? Who would deliberately scare a young kid that much? And why has nobody come forward to explain it all?
    Even after everything that happens, when the whole world changes forever, when everyone knows that the video wasn’t a hoax but the start of something terrible, people remember the Scared Kid. His poor frightened little face.
    It’s like the last thing everyone saw before the lights went out.
    He sits there at his computer talking into a webcam. It’s clear he’s been crying for ages: his eyes are red raw, his face streaked with tears. He’s shaking uncontrollably and his teeth are actually chattering. You can hear them. It would be funny if it wasn’t so weird. He can hardly get his words out; they tumble over each other.
    ‘I don’t know what to what to do I don’t know they’ve killed Danny and Eve they killed Danny and Eve Danny and and Eve and Eve and and . . . they’re outside now I can see them I can see them outside there are three mothers and a father . . .’
    That’s the freakiest bit, the bit that sticks in people’s minds, that he calls them mothers and fathers.
    ‘They came to the house and they killed they killed Danny and Eve there’s blood omigod omigod there’s blood three mothers and a father they’ve killed Danny and Eve make them go away please make them go away . . .’
    Then he picks up the webcam and turns it to point out of the window. It veers all over, lights smearing the screen. Now you can see the street. It’s night-time. The picture’s awful but you can just see these four people under the streetlights – three mothers and a father – three women and a man, and near to them what looks like a dead body. The body of a child.
    There’s something not right about the people. They don’t look like actors. The way they’re standing. And one of them looks up at the camera and it’s the most awful thing . . . a dead-eyed look, like an animal. Are they actors? The picture’s so bad its hard to tell.
    Then the Scared Kid’s voice again.
    ‘Can you see them? They’ve gone crazy – three mothers and a father – they’ve been trying to get back in into the house but Danny and Eve they’re dead they’re dead and I don’t know where my mum and dad are there’s nobody else here they’ve all gone it’s only me . . .’
    The camera moves again. You can hear crashing and smashing in the background. Shouting. Now the kid’s back at his desk, staring into the lens, like he’s staring into the grave. Even more terrified than before. Shaking. Shaking.
    ‘I’m going to post the video Danny showed me how they killed him three mothers and a father I have to do it quickly I don’t know what’s happening I don’t think anyone will help me I think I’m going to die like like –’
    And that’s the end of it.
    Some kids do impressions of him, and post them. There’s a remix of the kid done to a death-metal soundtrack. But the thing is – the video is scary because it seems so real. People watch it over and over, trying to understand it. And when adults start dying, when it becomes clear that some terrible new disease is striking everybody over the age of fourteen, the Scared Kid begins to look like some kind of prophet.
    Within a very short time ‘Scared Kid’ becomes the most watched YouTube clip ever. After a month it’s taken down. There’s a message saying it’s been removed. The day after that the whole YouTube site is taken down without any explanation, and the day after that the Internet stops working altogether.
    It just disappears.
    That’s when people finally realize that something serious is happening.

    ({{EcHo}}) [NOVA]
    Posted 12 years ago
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