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  • Warhammer 40k

    Changed the CP to look like a Dreadnought.
    Didn't know what to turn the intel into so i just made a box (let's pretend it's full of relics)
    Changed all the weapons into Space Marine weapons.
    Made an iron sight for the SMG and a scope for the Semi. I didn't make an iron sight for the Shotgun because i think the old one kinda works even though it might look wierd, nobody uses the Shotgun anyway.
    I changed the helmet to make it resemble the helmet of a Space marine, i wasn't sure of what to do with the player model so i just slapped on some paint here and there. I also changed the intro and the firing sound of the SMG and the Semi.
    Hope you'll enjoy it.


    Posted 12 years ago

    I like this. Nice work :D

    [Elite] SMG
    Posted 12 years ago

    Always good to know there's 40k fans around :D

    Posted 12 years ago
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