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  • Linux Client

    I have made a Linux client in python.
    Technically it isn't a client, but it makes it MUCH easier.

    I made this because I(and others) have to manually type in the ip that we get from the website.

    1. Have AoS installed using wine.
    2. Have python 2.7(not higher, not lower)

    1. It lists all the servers with: Players, Ping and name
    2. It takes input for which server(the number)
    3. It runs the terminal command to join that server.

    1. Download it(end of post)
    2. Place it in your AoS folder.
    3. Either double click it and say: Run in terminal or cd to your AoS directory and type ./client (it will take a few seconds to retrieve the servers)
    4. Find the server you want to join.
    5. Type in the number next to it(first number on the line)
    6. Press Enter and wait for wine to start it!

    This is an example to show what to do:
    1. 2/8 45 Random
    2. 5/25 200 Qwerty
    Server: 1

    It lists the servers(random and qwerty). Then I type in 1 the server number for Random and press enter.

    It is still in beta 0.1 and sometime will glitch when getting the servers, this normally occurs when there is a fake server or server is set up weirdly.

    If you find any others please post them here!

    If you would like to help develop this program please post!

    Download: http://minus.com/mVHKcr4mO

    Posted 12 years ago
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