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  • may i come back?

    ive made so many skins to ace of spades.. but now that i have some great games to ps3 i havent played for a long time... may i make more skins?

    Posted 12 years ago

    yes, you should keep making them. I think I remember some of yours being pretty good, which is a good thing

    Posted 12 years ago

    can you make me good snipe scope?
    also what file do i save the scope as?

    EDIT: i would like it be like a dot but like has fancy stuff around the outside like this this or this but without the black on the outside

    Hello. Try using the following: <a href="insertlinkhere">name of link</a>. This will shorten your links immensely. Thanks, ~tGM

    true ninja
    Posted 12 years ago

    i make skins... not ironsigths, sorry

    Posted 12 years ago

    Ninjapro, please. Do NOT give links like that. When you find a picture on google images, do. not. link. us to those pages. Right click on the picture and press COPY IMAGE URL.
    Then you will get nice links like this:




    A lot better, eh?

    Posted 12 years ago
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