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  • @Komrades....

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say,

    I think your doing as fairly good job in tkaing more of an intrest in the community as a whole.

    For example: http://ace-spades.com/forums/topic.php?id=7455&replies=19#post-124821

    Its things like that which really make closer ties with the community and also make the clan more well known, (though komrades is already very well known lol)

    A good idea would be to routinly run community events on the komrade server, on maybe a monthly or bi-monthly basis?

    Back when [HK] was farily new we ran a similer event: http://ace-spades.com/forums/topic.php?id=3860

    And gained around 10 members in the process; as well as having some great fun, a lot of people turned up and made it quite a night to remember, as some of you may recall.

    So i really hope the same happens for you komrades on the 15th.


    Somthing id also like to suggest: I had alot of ideas for [HK] before we dibanded, and seeing as komrades is now in my opinion the foremost AoS clan, I may as well share them with you in the hope you can use them.

    1) Get involved in making mod packs for the community, instead of just your clan, im sure there are at least a few skilled modders in your clan.

    Every now and then you could release a mod pack courtesy of the komrade clabn, with a link to your application thread in the mod release.

    Also the mod packs dont have to be komrade related, otherwise it just seems like propaganda rather then giving to the community.

    2) Run more official AoS tourny's, get on the IRC and talk to the <@> team. Things like AoS fest and the adrenic tourny.

    The idea is to take a dominatiing posistion in terms or organisationel skills in the community.

    I had much more to say, but didnt really want to bore you with a wall o text.

    So in conclusion: There was a common misconception that I didnt like you guys "komrades" but that is far from the truth, I hold a measure of respect for you, hence why im writting this.

    One thing i would suggest: The clan overall is going very well, but there arew some potentialy major issues that need to be addressed.

    And that is the behaviour of select komrade members, introduce a 3 strikes policy on forum behaviour, its THESE individuals who are lwetting you guys down. You need to make sure your members behave moderatly well in order to keep the komrades name clean, so's to speak.

    I recall having to kick a few members out of [HK] in the eraly days for misbehaviour. Dont let these individuals ruin it for the rest of you.

    Well, i have to get to tech drawing (im at college) so take care and ill see you guys later =].

    - DE

    The Grand Exterminator
    Posted 12 years ago


    Posted 12 years ago

    Since when did you become a komrade kanye?

    Best Served Chilled
    Posted 12 years ago
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