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  • Can't Host Server

    I wanted to start a private server so me and my friend could build the ultimate bunker on pinpoint and save it to use online once it is finished. He brought his computer over, and I started up the server by opening the Ace of Spades server application, and loaded the pinpoint.vxl (without the .vxl of course) set max players to 2, and said no to master server advertisement. I went to Spadille and went to favorites and loaded local server and it loaded up pinpoint with only me on it. Then he connected to my Wi-Fi and opened Spadille but there was no option to connect to a local network. Then he set up a server, but this time it said that the local server was either full or misconfigured. When I tried to reconnect to mine, it said the same thing, and now it won't work no matter what. What do I do?

    Posted 11 years ago
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