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  • Unofficial Complimentary Weapons and Ideas
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    NAME: Nuke
    Magazine: size of charlie sheens cocaine shack
    Damage: Chuck Norris
    Best use: ending servers
    notes: (notes removed by denzel washington)
    any questions?

    Dah Bawss
    Posted 10 years ago

    Name: Flare gun
    Magazine: 25
    Damage: sets people on fire and deals 20 damage when hits player and 5 damage per second from fire

    Joseph Stalin
    Posted 10 years ago


    100 damage for a 3x3 space that drops by 15 for each block outside of it

    it needs three people, but first you have to get the kit from the tent and set it up (simply like building it)

    one guy mounts it becoming unmovable, it locks him into the grid map untill he presses ESC, which exits him out of the map and unmounts him

    second guy is marker, he shoots off a flare and it marks it on the map

    third guy reloads the gun, alternitivly the first guy can unmount and do it himself, but itll be slower. you get ammo from the tent

    once you fire into the grid, itll hit randomly in the grid space (ie, if the guy fires it from c 7, itll randomly hit a spot in c7) firing is as simple as pressing a marked square (you need a marker)

    Class-A Tree
    Posted 10 years ago

    NAME: Penis
    MAGAZINE: One shot, and it recharges after an hour
    DAMAGE: None unless you are also infected with HIV
    BEST USE: Giving unsuspecting players emotional scars they will carry for life

    Posted 10 years ago

    @Chipou, log onto a random server and try get two other people to stick around with you for like 2 minutes, without being killed or team killed.

    The theory is sound but the actual practice never happens. Artillery although logicially doesn't make sense needs to be one man else it will never be fired.

    sorry but alot of people suggest 2 man/ 3 man artillery and I think Beret gave an example of a game that tried a really simple version that failed miserably.


    I think there should be some form of melee attack, maybe not with a new weapon, just like rifle butting or a kick (wouldn't be too hard to animate) the melee could also have "knock-back" so you could melee someone off a cliff or something or knocking them back into a wall disorients their view (makes it all fuzzy). Deals About 20 damage for a melee, so not much, its quiet, disorients the enemy and puts them about 3 blocks distance from you (making for an easy target).

    Optimal use of melee would be pushing an enemy off a cliff (silent kill) a sure-to-hit attack in a close quarters fight (smack them into the bunker wall, their view goes fuzzy, so you can finish them without accurate retaliation.) You could use it no matter what you were holding, so if you fuck up and get caught without a rifle you can still fight. (would just be a button, like q (I dunno if that's used or not)) The attack rate would be fairly slow, after a melee you can't fire or anything for like 0.5s

    Just a suggestion, I would like some constructive criticism. I tried to make it extremely useful if used right, but not ridiculously over powered. It is possible to mash your melee, but even if their view is fuzzy they still might melee you back, they still retain all their functions so it is better to melee into a wall then pop one in the head.

    Constructive criticism welcomed.

    Posted 10 years ago

    Though this thread had shotgun suggested before, I don't think that it was as balanced as it could be, and therefore wouldn't be as good as the current smg or rifle. I think the specs should look more like this:

    ammo/reload: 8 in the gun with 24 extra. the gun should be pump action with a delay between each shot of around .20 of a second. The reload of the entire gun should be slower than 1 round per quarter second, so that the player has to "top off" the ammo in his gun while he is moving around, so that he doesnt get stuck spending a few seconds reloading his gun.

    range/spread: I think that it should spread out to 3blocks X 3blocks at 35 blocks range. this way you can use it for CQB with relative success but you wont be very effective at range.

    damage: around 8-10 damage per pellet X 9 pellets. headshots with pellets should deal 15+ damage. The damages should make it kill in one shot (aimed at neck/upper torso) within 10-15 blocks.

    Use: should be for a player who could put down a spread of bullets if he is used at range, or quickly clear out a trench system at close range. The shotgun should also break blocks faster than the rifle or smg, making firing at long range not very lethal, but destructive towards enemy positions and buildings. (this is just the idea that I have, please give some constructive criticism)

    Posted 9 years ago
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