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  • RainbowDash (Ace Of Spades Experience)

    Hey dudes, it's Rainbowdash, the best flyer in Ponyville. I came across Ace-Of-Spades because my friend AppleJack told me about it. I came here and downloaded this software because according to the "Play" sections, there is a server called "Shams Little Pony." I went there, and I was greeted by a message that stated: "Rainbowdash made this server 20% cooler!" I felt so special. I showed off my skills by getting 50 kills in my first 10 minutes, and I captured the intel in a flash! They don't call me rainbow DASH for nothing! After my first experience, I loved this game! I tried to tell my friend Fluttershy to play it, she doesn't like violence. What a wimp.

    Rainbow Dash
    Posted 9 years ago

    Amazing story bro.Please,go on.

    Brazilian Atheist
    Posted 9 years ago


    Posted 9 years ago
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